Drive a Range Rover for rent in Dubai and cruise in absolute luxury

When you think about the Range Rover, you think style, finesse, power, luxury. You think all these things combined and packaged in an iconic, timeless design that stands out on the road. Neither imposing nor meek, the exterior features a uniqueness that harkens back to its ancestors, but also embodies the modern design philosophy of the brand itself. The engine is developed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride on the road, and control and torque when faced with challenging terrain.

If you want a vehicle that can overcome any challenge, and still provide the utmost in luxury and comfort, grab a Range Rover for rent in Dubai today from Urban Luxury Car Rental.

Experience a ride you will never forget – sit behind a Range Rover of your choice

With Urban Luxury Car Rental, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The Rover is the perfect vehicle to take on any occasion. Whether you are attending a posh gala with high profile guests, going to the golf course for a round with your buddies, or just heading to an important business meeting, nothing exudes class more than a Rover.

But it is more than just about class. The Rover is also capable of conquering any kind of terrain or condition. From steep sand dunes to rocky crags, you can trust this SUV to provide superior grip on any surface. Be a businessman on the weekdays, and an adventurer on the weekends, with just one SUV for rent.

Rent a Rover in Dubai, and enjoy the peak of British design

From the elegant wooden accents of the dashboard and the centre console to the highly sophisticated technology, every bit and feature is designed to give you an indulgent driving atmosphere. To give you a relaxing view from the driver’s seat, the vehicle touts a simplified design, eliminating the unnecessary while placing the essential elements at the forefront.

The result: a resounding feeling of calm and control throughout the interior. However, when you feel the need to press down on the accelerator, the vehicle will not fail to deliver unrelenting power through the wheels.