Powerful & Grand LandRovers

Most people think that big and powerful means unattractive and bulky. The Land Rover proves otherwise. The popular four-wheel-drive vehicle is the epitome of power and sleek style. Its modern and advanced features will give you a luxurious experience as you drive through the city or on roads less travelled.

Want to take your family and friends for an out-of-town trip? Do so in the cosy and luxurious comfort of the Land Rover. Outfitted with plush seats and innovative features, the Land Rover promises a smooth, safe, and absolutely enjoyable and comfortable travel. With a powerful engine and a cutting-edge suspension system, it will give you the power and boost you need to navigate the desert and dirt roads along the way.

Urban Luxury showcases a premier collection of the latest models of Land Rovers. View our collection and take home the one that best fits your needs and personal taste. For more information, please call us at +971526410131 or +97143688655.